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Are you struggling with your strong-willed son's challenging behavior?


Is he overreacting, refusing to cooperate, getting aggressive when he's mad, and not responding to consequences, rewards, or house rules?

Do you find yourself exhausted, overwhelmed, and wondering if your son needs a psychological diagnosis (or another one) or a new approach to parenting?

You're not alone.

As a fellow boy mom, I've been where you are. I understand the frustrations, the repeated efforts that seem to go unnoticed, and the constant battle guiding our intense, persistent, and sensitive sons.

I'm also willing to bet...

  • You're feeling alone because you and your partner aren't on the same page
  • You're worried your son will grow up with anti-social (or worse) behaviors
  • Your kids are constantly fighting with each other
  • He is unable to communicate his feelings without bringing other people down with him
  • He can't control his impulses or regulate his behavior
  • You are out of patience and at your wit's end.
  • You think therapy might work but don't know where to begin
  • As a child, you would have had severe consequences if you acted the way your son does.
  • Your son seems to lack empathy
  • You've read tons of parenting books and blogs and listened to podcasts yet nothing seems to work


But I have great news for you:

There's a solution that can transform your relationship with your son and help him thrive...


The proven group coaching program for moms of boys designed by renowned parenting coach Rachel Sklar.

With Encircle Group Coaching, you can create a deep bond with your son that is founded on trust, connection, and collaboration.


  • Empower your son to achieve better outcomes at home, school, and socially because he's more confident and cooperative in all he does.
  • Raise an emotionally intelligent son who can handle big feelings without resorting to fighting, lying, aggression, disrespect, or running away.
  • Regain your patience, calmness, and mindfulness during any parenting challenge, so you don't have to succumb to fear, grief, or mom guilt.

It’s time to be supported as you become the mother you've always desired to be.



"I haven’t felt this capable in my parenting of my strong-willed child probably ever. I’ve been getting a lot of emotional support and benefits as well, from Rachel and [her community]. I think the biggest benefit for me is solidarity, and the feeling that I’m not alone in these parenting difficulties. I like having a fresh lens on my child and his behaviors, as well as feeling like I can take a more objective look at my own behaviors as well."

Natalie, 2 boys

"Nobody is born with an instruction on how to be a parent. It's a process. And as with every process, having guidance, community, and support makes it easier, more effective, and, oh my, so much more enjoyable. Encircle program gave me just this. And so much more."

Julia, 2 children


Here's How Encircle Works:

Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

Stay in forward motion by getting regular support from Rachel, as well as a community of women who will laugh and cry with you. Knowing you're not alone changes the game.

Weekly Office Hours

Pop into office hours to share a breakdown and get feedback on how you could have handled it differently. Or come to commune and feel less alone.

Guest Experts & Pop-Up Workshops

Rachel will host workshops and guest speakers on topics determined by the individual needs of the group.

These will be customized to the group and occur as needed.

Sample topics include: Marriage counseling for beginners, Picky eating and nutrition, Raising my son's sister: for girl moms, and Dealing with anxiety, to name a few.

Community Education Gatherings

This is not your typical lunch n' learn. Rachel uses humor, storytelling, and honesty to show you the ins and outs of raising boys with confidence, compassion, and connection.

These virtual workshops are filled with highly relatable and easy-to-remember content. Her material is evidence-based, brain-based, and relationship-based.

All meetings are recorded and parenting partners are welcome to attend. 

Accountability Partners

Rachel will pair you with another mom or a small group of women who are in the same boat as you and can remind you to stay the course.

Private Launch Call & Customized Plan

No more one-size-fits-all approach. You'll get a private session with Rachel to understand your unique situation and create a tailored plan for your family. (For Sustain Plan clients only)

Some Of The Training Topics For Transforming Your Relationship With Your Son Include...

Navigating Boyhood

Learn the secrets to raising a cooperative, compassionate son who wants to stay close to you for life. In this workshop, discover new insights into the inner workings of your son's brain and gain practical tools to fulfill his basic needs, boost his confidence and improve his behavior at home, school, and beyond.

The Mother-Son Relationship

Discover the essential things that boys need from their moms and the unique characteristics of the boy brain. From non-coercive parenting to avoiding harsh criticism and emotional over-involvement, explore the research-based practices that can help establish a deep mother-son bond.

The Explosive Child

Learn collaborative problem-solving tools for easily frustrated 'explosive' kids. You'll learn to improve executive functioning, emotional regulation, and social skills. You will learn to handle frustration without using rewards and punishments. You will map out a collaborative problem-solving approach for one of your son's recurring issues and create a record-keeping system to help you track and solve future problems.

Mindful Motivation

Discover how to motivate your son intrinsically and extrinsically, leveraging their strengths to teach new skills and resilience. Learn about the benefits of mindful motivation, problem-solving skills, and emotional resilience, and differentiate it from heated motivation. Plus you'll understand what you can and cannot control to influence your child's cooperation.


Hormones Through The Ages

Prepare for your son's hormonal changes, starting from adrenarche to physical puberty and beyond. You'll get insights into how hormones affect boys' behavior, emotional phases, and physical development. You'll learn to align your expectations with your son's behavior and get tips on how to support boys through these changes.

Understanding Temperament

Learn about your child's temperament traits to identify your child's energy levels, adaptability, sensitivity, and more. By using this sorter, parents can gain insights into their child's strengths and interests, and understand how their child copes with new situations.

Building & Breaking Habits

In this insightful presentation, you'll discover how to help your son build and break habits that will shape his life for the better. Learn the pattern of every habit and how to use rewards or payoffs to create positive behaviors. Get practical tips on how to build habits that stick, including convenience, habit stacking, and pairing. You'll also learn how to break bad habits through replacement, inconvenience, and trigger elimination.

Safety Skills

As a parent, keeping your child safe and teaching him important communication skills is a top priority. In this session, you'll learn about books and resources offered through Kidpower's 'People Safety' skills program. Teaching your son to stay safe and be safe with others is a teachable skill that will set him up for healthy relationships, healthy habits, and happier life.

The Mask You Live In

We'll uncover the pressures that boys face to conform to traditional gender roles and the impact this has on their mental and emotional well-being. You'll gain valuable insights into understanding and supporting your son to help him become his authentic self.

Communication Blocks

With goals in sight, create a road map to the life you’ve always dreamed of.


Building Resilience

We'll explore the concept of resilience and how it relates to your son. You'll learn about the brain's reaction to stress, the importance of adaptability, and how to build the the ability to bounce back from challenges, learn from experience, and how to avoid common mistakes that can hinder the process.

Encircle For Dads

Get your partner on the same page without having to do all the coaching yourself! With Encircle For Dads, your son's father is invited to this dads-only training to ensure you two work together more frequently, and most importantly, that he builds his own powerful cooperative, connected, and compassionate with your son.



This program is not about just trying to fix the boy, instead, it teaches mothers how to build a strong, trusting, and collaborative relationship with their sons.

Many therapy sessions focus only on the child and fail to involve parents or vice versa.


And, as you've likely experienced, books or training courses tend to be one-size-fits-all approaches that do not account for the unique needs of strong-willed children and their mothers. 


Encircle offers a personalized approach tailored to each mother and son's specific needs.


Encircle's techniques and methods are backed by science and have been proven to be effective in improving mother-son relationships, developing emotional intelligence, and reducing even the most challenging behavior.

Encircle stands out from other options because it offers a personalized, research-backed approach that addresses the needs of both mothers and sons, and offers ongoing support from an experienced coach.


As a mom of 3 strong-willed boys, I spent my first few years as a parent lost, confused, overwhelmed, and quite frankly, ashamed that despite my background in psychology and social work and helping other parents, I was totally failing as a mom.

Of course, all of that changed when I pursued my parent coaching certification and multiple accreditations since then, but more importantly, I learned what makes strong-willed boys tick and how to parent them effectively.

I am proud to say that today I have an incredibly strong bond and unique connection with each of my sons, and I have helped 1000s of parents to create a strong bond and unique connection with their sons (and daughters!) too.

Our strong-willed sons think, behave, and are motivated differently than other children, and it's my personal mission to change the world, 1 boy at a time by helping mothers understand their sons and learn how to show up as a connected parent and as their sons strongest advocate. 

As a coach, speaker, educator, and mom I know what works, what doesn't, and what it takes to customize a plan that's right for every boy. 

"I would recommend Rachel to anyone who feels challenged by raising kids who push limits and continuously act in defiance. After working with Rachel, there is less yelling and arguing with our teenagers."

Nancy, California

"Finding Rachel was like a breath of fresh air. Talking with her is a great balance of letting off steam and getting practical tips that actually work! The days after I connect with Rachel are by far the easiest ones I have with my kids."

Jodee, New Jersey

"Nobody is born with instruction on how to be a parent. It's a process. And as with every process, having guidance, community, and support makes it easier, more effective, and, oh my, so much more enjoyable. Encircle program gave me just this. And so much more."

Julia, Poland

Meet Alexis

I'm a mom of 2 boys, both of whom could definitely be described as "strong-willed".

Like most moms, I'm doing the best I can. But sometimes that doesn't feel like quite enough.

Enter Rachel.

Over the course of several sessions, Rachel helped me to better understand the underlying dynamics in my family and to identify areas where I could influence or shift those dynamics.

She also helped me to understand the needs and motivations of each of my kids, and how I could improve our relationships by changing my own behavior and how I interact with my kids.

She gave me valuable scripts that worked like literal magic, and which I still use to this day. Her focus on increasing connection to strengthen relationships, even when your instinct is the exact opposite, worked wonders for my family.

Rachel is supportive, non-judgemental, an expert in her field, and an absolute joy to work with. I'm so grateful for Rachel.

"This program has given me the skills I needed (so very badly) to help strengthen my relationship with my twin boys and improve our connection immensely."

Melissa, 9 y/o twin boys

"I'm loving this program! I'm learning so much about how boys communicate in ways I didn't understand before, how they connect and how they DISCONNECT from us. I've already connected more with my son and can see the benefits."

Mia, 12 y/o boy

"Throughout the Encircle Boys program, Rachel gave me concrete ideas about how to connect with and support my son. After each session, I was able to implement what I learned and my relationship with my son blossomed."

Leah, 2 boys


Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right package for you:



or 3 Payments of $850

Total Value: $14,500
Ends Jan 19, 2024

  • Community Education Gatherings¬†Value $5,800
  • 3 Months Of¬†Weekly Group Coaching¬†Value $1,800
  • 3 Months Of Weekly Office Hours¬†Value $1,800
  • Accountability Partner/Group¬†Value $400
  • Pop-Up & Guest Workshops¬†Value $4,200
  • Quizzes, Worksheets, Scripts, & other tools¬†Value $500



or 3 Payments of $1,400

Total Value: $20,400
Ends April 19, 2024

*Longer Payment Plans Available Upon Request*

  • Community Education Gatherings¬†Value $5,800
  • 6¬†Months Of¬†Weekly Group Coaching¬†Value $3,600
  • 6¬†Months Of Weekly Office Hours¬†Value $3,600
  • Accountability Partner/Group¬†Value $400
  • Pop-Up & Guest Workshops¬†Value $4,200
  • Quizzes, Worksheets, Scripts, & other tools¬†Value $500
  • Elevate Parent Mastermind¬†Value $1,800¬†
  • 2 Private Coaching Sessions with Rachel¬†Value $500¬†



or 3 Payments of $1,750

Total Value: $27,300
Ends July 26, 2024

*Longer Payment Plans Available Upon Request*

  • Community Education Gatherings¬†Value $5,800
  • 9¬†Months Of¬†Weekly Group Coaching¬†Value¬†$5,400
  • 9¬†Months Of Weekly Office Hours¬†Value $5,400
  • Accountability Partner/Group¬†Value $400
  • Pop-Up & Guest Workshops¬†Value $4,200
  • Quizzes, Worksheets, Scripts, & other tools¬†Value $500
  • Elevate¬†Parent Mastermind¬†Value $1,800¬†
  • Sustain¬†Parent Mastermind¬†Value $1,800¬†¬†
  • Personal Kickoff Plan To Create Immediate Breakthroughs¬†Value $500¬†
  • 2¬†Private Coaching Sessions with Rachel Value $500
  • SOS Text Messaging with Rachel¬†Value $1,000
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The Scholarship & Solidarity Option

Let's work together to change this world one boy at a time...

We offer $500 and $1000 scholarships for families that don't benefit from current and historical financial privileges.

Let's talk if:

  • You're a single mom trying to make ends meet
  • You don't have access to regular, affordable healthcare
  • Your family income doesn't allow for any savings
  • Your ancestors did not enjoy financial freedoms historically reserved for white men
  • You'd be willing to share your parenting wins and struggles on video
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"Having this program as part of my life and schedule keeps parenting and the connection with my son a priority. I can break the cycle of parenting techniques that don’t serve me or my family. I could participate as much or as little as made sense for my family. At the beginning, participating more helped me learn and get the support I needed. We still have tough moments and I know we always will, however with what I know now - I can make it thru the tough moments with more ease, I can make a repair when things don’t go the way I hoped, and I know my son and I can keep our relationship strong through whatever we face."

Jessica, 1 boy

Come change the world with me, starting with your son.

Having a more cooperative, connected, and compassionate relationship with your son is possible. It starts with you.

Let's partner together to help you be not only the mom he needs but the mom you always dreamed you be.

- Rachel