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The Only Parenting Program Designed Specifically For Parents of Strong-Willed Boys...

Providing Support, Guidance & Strategies To Transform Your Parenting Journey At a Budget-Friendly Price.



You want a calm, cooperative, and compassionate son... 

But right now, chaos reigns in your home. Your son may exhibit aggression, fight back frequently, struggle in school, and disrupt the harmony you long for.

You are smart, successful, and incredibly devoted to raising your son to be an incredible man...

But it's harder than you expected to get him to cooperate.




The solution isn't to change your son... it's to shift your approach.

Every boy is unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn't work.

That's why The Boy Mom Method Membership offers a customized approach tailored specifically to your son's individual needs.

And right now you can enroll at the founder's rate of just $97 per month!


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Monthly Group Coaching

Get in-the-moment coaching and strategies to break through any behavior challenges you're facing, tailored to YOU and your son, hosted online by parenting expert & coach, Rachel Sklar. We'll laser in and ensure you walk away with a clear plan.

Value: $350




Transforming your son's behavior is possible, but it's not just how you handle specific behavior challenges, it's how you approach your relationship with him. These workshops will give you the insights you need to do just that.

Value: $275



Likeminded Community

Parenting can leave us feeling alone and wondering if we're screwing up our kids. Inside this community, you won’t feel alone. You’ll gain support and insights from others who've been there before.

Value: $400



The Boy Mom Method Course

This 5-module video course will teach you the foundations of raising a calm, cooperative, and compassionate son, no matter what his behavior is like right now. Including video lessons, scripts, templates, and homework to ensure you're implementing what you're learning.

Value: $47


Total Value: $1,072
Just $97 per month!


When you join The Boy Mom Method™ Membership, you'll get instant access to resources designed to give you momentum at home right away. 

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Raising kids takes a village... you don't have to do it alone.

Join us inside The Boy Mom Method™ Membership,  supported in our community, with an expert advocate helping you parent your son the way you always envisioned. 


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